Decide what you’re going to feed your animals, and how much of it you need. Plan on 4-5 weeks- dropoffs occur once a month. Some months have four weeks, some have five, and occasionally we move a drop date because of a holiday.  If you have questions about how much of what and when you should feed, ask on the email lists listed to the left. We strongly suggest you join the list, as this is how we give notices.


Place your order by going to Suzy’s Doggie Delights. Some locations have gas surcharges that will be added to your order. Make sure you put “coop” in the comment box on the site. Drop offs are offered to the follow list of places, find out more on Suzy’s Website, using the schedule listed below.


You are solely responsible for getting to the droppoint and picking up your food. Your food begins defrosting from the moment its dropped off and this is Arizona. If you do not pick up your food, the droppoint volunteer assumes ownership and may do with it what they wish, whether this is tossing the food out or keeping it. You will be charged whether or not you pick up.