In 1999, with raw feeding gaining popularity but without any commercial sources for raw food, a coop was formed in Phoenix. We created a partnership with a local butcher, and created recipes for a few basic ground mixes to be produced there, and secured access to case lots (wholesale boxes in large quantities) for us. Discounts were offered since we were ordering together in bulk. Over time, the butcher source has changed, as well as the recipes for the ground mixes and even the variety of products. At the same time, commercial raw ground foods began to be produced.

We introduced “droppoints” once a month in geographically convenient areas for our members, and as our memberbase grew to include all of Arizona, the droppoints, operated by volunteers, grew too.

Today, Arizonans have a wealth of options for ground or whole raw food for dogs. The AZ Raw Bones Coop’s goal persists to always ensure there is atleast one quality, local, affordable raw food source. We are currently working with Suzy’s Doggie Delights. Dog owners and quality butchers for generations, they maintain all proper licenses and testing of the products. Raw mixes in a variety of options exist to allow you as much control as you’d like over your dog’s diet, in addition to discounted case lots and a number of supplements. We currently offer once a month droppoints in Central Phoenix, Mesa, multiple points in Tuscon, Flagstaff, Coolidge and the West Valley.

Though we call ourselves a “coop”, there are no fees to join, no forms to fill out, and no obligations. Anyone is welcome to participate as often as they’d like, so long as they respect the volunteers and practices of the coop. There are no paid employees, the coop does not financially benefit from the purchase of food in any manner, and infact, there is no official organization and said imaginary organization has no funds or operating budget. Our sole properties are this website.

We often maintain a “if you don’t like it, do something about it” attitude. We are volunteers with no financial incentives- we try to do the best for the most people, and we can’t be everything to everyone. We eagerly welcome new volunteers.